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The code part II: EventTester with expression trees


The first post of this series gave a quick overview over the event tester usage, the last post gave a deep dive into some part of the event tester code. When talking about line numbers or certain code expression I’m always referring to the code provided in the last post. When talking about the expression tree construction in the last post the last thing we got into was the build up of the if/then/else expression. After building up the if/then/else expression we need to build the...

The code part I: EventTester with expression trees


In my last post I gave a quick overview over the event tester usage and how you could benefit from such a component. In this post I want to show you the source code of my event tester implementation and give you a short dive into the expression tree magic that is happening behind the scenes. This time I show you first not only portions of the code but the whole code in advance annotated with line numbers. My explanations will point to line numbers in the code below.

Introduction: EventTester with expression trees


I always wanted to get my hands dirty with a little expression tree magic but never had the time to do so. When test driving code of a component you are currently working on you might feel in the middle of the “Do a little change, let it fail, make it green” process that your component needs an event which is publicly visible and can be subscribed by clients. But how would you test that the event is fired on your component’s interface? I’ll show you how this is normally...

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