GitExtensions 2.24 and Apply Patch pitfall


Today I survived a shocking experience.  I’m working on an open source framework. Some of the features I’ve been doing at home on a cloned git respository. I have commited about 6 times for a feature. Another change of the feature I was doing on another machine at my workplace. These changes were another two commits. I then patched the two commits I did on my work computer and applied them at home upon the other six commits with gitextensions (version 2.24). When I applied the...

Github: failed to push some refs


I’m heavily experimenting with git using github.com. Just in case you’ll ever receive the following error message:
failed to push some refs
Don’t panic as I did! Just need to make a pull request first because there might be changes that we need to pull in. Afterwards it is easy possible to push your changes to github.com. Have fun!

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