Google Collections


Why should we leave apache common collection? There are several reasons to change the collections framework. Since the apache collections should be backward compatible it would not be possible to change to a actual Java version. It would be necessary to change to another collection framework (or write all the stuff by yourself). There are several projects which created a collections framework by themselves or took the apache collection library and upgraded it with generics. Guava is a project...

How to select open source libraries


We use a lot of open source libraries and components in our daily business. Open source libraries provide us a big advantage regarding time to market with our products. Every time when we are facing a problem in our software (problem is related to business domain to implementation domain difficulties) we first look into the open source world if someone has already solved that problem or even parts of it. Sourceforge, codeplex and google code (to name a few) are often the first pages we visit to...

Let me google that for you


There are times, where people ask you questions, which can directly be found on Google. This kind of questions are mostly boring. But hey, there is a nice solution for responding to those people:

On the website Let me google that for you you can enter any search query and send the generated link to the person, who asked you something. Perhaps, this person will learn something and will google the next question before he will ask you…

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