Client / Server Localization – Resources


In my last post I described the problem domain behind client / server localization. In this post I’m going to tackle how dynamic translation can be achieved in a client / server environment. The basic idea is to use compiled resources from the server side and transport it over the wire to the client. When talking about “resources” we want to use a mechanism which is really close to the way localization generally works under .NET. To understand this we need to have a look into...

Client / Server Localization – Introduction


This is the introduction posts about dynamic client / server localization which describes the problem domain. In one of my current projects, we are building a client / server application that uses windows communication foundation requests and responses and event driven data, which is fired over the distributed event broker. Some of the data is dynamically rendered on the client but needs to be translated into several languages. For information which is already known at compile time localization...

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