RowTest / Theory / TestData support for Machine.Specifications


This post discusses the RowTest / Theory / TestData support for the amazing specification framework Machine.Specifications. For those who don’t know Machine.Specifications (aka MSpec) I strongly advice to check it out here. MSpec has one caveat which can sometimes make your life a bit harder than it should be: It misses RowTest / Theory (xUnit) or TestData (nunit) support. With row test support I mean the ability to execute the same Establish, Because and It for several runs with slightly...

Why I like Machine.Specifications


Urs started with the idea and the category “why I like”… So I’ll steal his idea and go further with this category… This might be an expensive blog post because I need to pay license fees to Urs 😉 We adopted machine.specifications for our project approximately one year ago. We compared several context and specification frameworks but the overhead of the competitors was too high for our team. Also didn’t we have a product owner who was willing to write for...

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