Office365 first look and total fail


Today, I saw some ads about Office 365. Office 365 is a complete Office Suite based on the Office 2013 version, which is hosted in the cloud. The idea is brilliant. You pay a small annual fee and get SkyDrive space and most of the office tools included. More information can be found here . I wanted to subscribe for the trial period of one month to test the Home Edition for my personal use. My motivation was that you get up to 5 workstations at home included in the annual fee and of course all...

Bad DNS Server Settings in GPO


For a Project I hade change the DNS Server settings on several client computers. All Clients hade fixed IP and DNS Settings on the clients and the customer want not to change to a DHCP. I can understand this approach because fixing the IP of computers can improve network security and awareness. My first approach was to look inside the GPO of Windows XP. And after 2 minutes searching look what I fond under: “Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – Network – DNS Client – DNS...

Windows Phone 7: Hope has come


Finally the latest news about Windows Phone 7 is arrived and it seems that Microsoft has ultimately learned its lessons. Windows Phone 7 has a totally news concept regarding what we are used to have with the Windows Mobile editions. But the Windows Phone 7 concept is not only new for “Microsoftish” phones it is also totally new for all smart phone operating systems on the market (including iPhone).

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