Using System.Text.Json alongside Newtonsoft Json.Net

Fast car

In June 2019, Microsoft introduced System.Text.Json as a feature of .NET (core) 3.0 to the public. The reason they gave for creating this new namespace was that they were unhappy with the old built-in solution for serializing / deserializing JSON. The poor built-in capabilities to work with JSONs –of course- was the reason for James Newton-King to create Json.Net (for many of us just called Newtonsoft, which actually is his company and not the name of the library). Newtonsoft’s Json.Net...

What factors affect the speed of NServiceBus message processing?


I’ve heard that question a number of times during my projects and consultings I did for several customers. Normally that generic answers can only be properly answered with information about the non-functional requirements and Service Level Agreements a certain project has to fulfill. Without knowing about your specific situation it is generally difficult to give hard numbers about the performance you can expect with a single NServiceBus endpoint. But what exactly can influence the speed...

Event Broker Performance


I wondered about the performance of my event broker (CodeProject article) implementation in bbv.Common. Event Broker: a notification component for synchronous and asynchronous, loosely coupled event handling. Therefore, I implemented a quick performance test application that prints out the timings for Plain .NET events Event over Event Broker Event over Event Broker with logging extension enabled Event over Event Broker with a matching matcher on the subscriber Event over Event Broker with a...

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