What factors affect the speed of NServiceBus message processing?


I’ve heard that question a number of times during my projects and consultings I did for several customers. Normally that generic answers can only be properly answered with information about the non-functional requirements and Service Level Agreements a certain project has to fulfill. Without knowing about your specific situation it is generally difficult to give hard numbers about the performance you can expect with a single NServiceBus endpoint. But what exactly can influence the speed...

Event Broker Performance


I wondered about the performance of my event broker (CodeProject article) implementation in bbv.Common. Event Broker: a notification component for synchronous and asynchronous, loosely coupled event handling. Therefore, I implemented a quick performance test application that prints out the timings for Plain .NET events Event over Event Broker Event over Event Broker with logging extension enabled Event over Event Broker with a matching matcher on the subscriber Event over Event Broker with a...

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