Rename a database in RavenDB


This is just a quick post which explains how you can rename an existing database in RavenDB. Actually you can’t. What you can apply is the following procedure: Create a new destination database in RavenDB with the new desired name Export the source database into a RavenDB dump Import the dump into the destination¬†database This operation is an offline operation. You could also use the replication bundle to replicate information from one database into the other on the same server but this...

Book review RavenDB High Performance


 I was excited when I got the chance to review the book RavenDB High Performance from Packtpub. Because we are using RavenDB in production. The title itself High Performance gave me the impression that this book is all about micro optimizing RavenDB by tweaking internals of RavenDB. I was quite surprised when I detected that this book takes another approach. The first chapter starts with introducing what a document database is and explains in a few words the RavenDB architecture. In my point of...

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