Machine.Specifications 0.8.0 released


I just released the newest stable release of Machine.Specifications. The newest stable release contains the version number 0.8.0. What has changed in this release? Resharper 8.2 support dotCover 2.7 support dotCover 2.0 to 2.2 support dropped Resharper 6.0 to 7.0 support dropped I decided to drop the support for the old versions of dotCover and Resharper. In the future I will only support two versions of Resharper back. Because there is an issue regarding thread appartments with the Resharper 8...

Machine.Specifications 0.6.1 released


Unfortunately while migrating a lot of existing stuff around the nuget packaging scripts I accidentally broke the nuspec file. I’m really sorry for that! So here is the newest release 0.6.1 which addresses the nuget related issues. Happy coding! The latest release contains the following changes: Nuget package adds proper references for .NET 4.0 and 4.5 Nuget package excludes sources I’m planning advance more and more to version 1.0.0. Along the way I will be dropping support for old...

Machine.Specifications 0.6.0 released


I’m proud to announce the next release of Machine.Specifications. The release contains the version 0.6.0 and is the beginning of a new era. I’ve been in contact with the amazing Alexander GroƟ for more than a year now. I had the chance to meet him when he was willing to come to Switzerland to visit the .NET Usergroup Central Switzerland. Before I met him I was using Machine.Specifications in several projects and I really like the lightweight approach for acceptance test driven...

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