Machine.Specifications.Runner.Resharper 1.0.0 released


Thanks to Matt Ellis and some bug hunting of me I can proudly say that we have released Resharper 9 integration for Machine.Specifications. You can now install the plugin by using the provided extension manager in Resharper 9. For those who are using Resharper versions older than 9 I pushed an update for the plugin for Resharper 8.2. It resolves an issues when you switch from Debug to Release mode or vice versa while having a unit test session open. If you did, you actually had to restart...

Migration from Moq to FakeItEasy with Resharper Search Patterns


In most of the projects in our company we used the mocking framework Moq. Nowadays we are moving away from Moq to FakeItEasy because FakeItEasy is just faking amazing! Seriously, FakeItEasy provides us a cleaner and more readable syntax. It just has the concept of fakes, no need to call .Object everywhere and many more advantages. Our rule of thumb is that we simply apply the boy-scout rule for the migration process from Moq to FakeItEasy. This means if a developers touches a unit test, which...

Windows7, Resharper 5.1, VS2010 and xunit.contrib problem


Just a short notice. If you are using Resharper 5.1 under Windows7 and xunit.contrib and your unit tests are not executed anymore in VS2010 you need to check the following: Close all running VS2010 instances Upgrade to latest xunit.contrib for Resharper 5.1 If you have xunit.contrib under Program Files\Jetbrains\Resharper\..\Bin\Plugins then move them to [Root]:\Users\[YourUser]\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\ReSharper\v5.1\vs10.0\Plugins\XunitContrib Open VS2010 again and you should be able to run...

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