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Daniel and Urs at DWX in Nuremberg in June


Daniel and Urs are speakers at the developer week DWX in Nuremberg in June.
If you want to speak to us in person and not just read from us on this blog, come and join us.
You even get a discount, just insert the registration code DWX2018Enzler and unlock your 15 % discount on all tickets. Information & tickets on
But, what are we talking about at the conference anyway (talks in German and the workshop will be in English)?

101 ideas for agile teams


Long time no see!
You may or may not have missed posts from me lately. The reason is that I was busy writing about my ideas on how to improve teamwork in agile teams over at .
The ideas cover the topics:

Communication & collaboration in an agile team
Continuous learning
Continuous improvement
Better quality
how to organize the team’s work
effective meetings

Check them out and I’d like to read your feedback.

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