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Azure Service Bus Topologies of NServiceBus


Azure Service Bus TopologiesAzure Service Bus Topologies with ForwardingAzure Service Bus Topologies of NServiceBus (current)Azure Service Bus Topology migration with NServiceBus (next) Almost a decade ago Particular Software started supporting customers running on Azure Service Bus by leveraging a robust and reliable queue abstraction called NServiceBus. Particular Software has been one of the early adopters of the PaaS Service. Hundreds of customers later we can look back at many scars and...

Azure Service Bus Topologies with Forwarding


In the previous blog post, I introduced topologies for Azure Service Bus and how topics and subscriptions can be leveraged to build reliable publish and subscribe infrastructure. All the approaches described in the last post have one major drawback: Subscriptions need to be managed for all events the subscriber wants to subscribe to. Wouldn't it be nice if we could automatically enqueue all messages in the input queue of the subscriber without having to manage receiving infrastructure for all...

Azure Service Bus Topologies


Once you start using Azure Service Bus, you are immediately confronted with queues, topics, subscriptions, and rules. Not only do you have to understand what operational capabilities each of those entities incorporate but you also have to come up with an optimal way of "stitching" them together to create a topology that will satisfy your needs. A good topology allows decoupling senders from receivers and publishers from subscribers by efficiently exchanging messages between clients connected to...

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