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Ninject and Ninject.MVC3 released

I just released Ninject and Ninject.MVC3 Both are bugfix releases. In this Blogpost I’ll explain if you have to update and what changes you need to do in case you are using th NuGet version of Ninject.MVC3.

This version fixes a bug for the .NET 4.0 and SL 4.0 versions of Ninject. The .NET framework still seems to have a bug when you request the attributes of an indexer property that is overridden in a derived class. For more information see the bug report at Microsoft. For I switched back to our custom implementation that we already used in 3.5 for retrieving attributes of properties to workaround this problem.

This means you have to update to only if you are using one of the .NET 4.0 or Silverlight 4.0 releases. This release changes absolutely nothing for the .NET 3.5 versions of Ninject.

This release fixes two bugs. The first one applies to everyone. The second only for NuGet package users.

  1. Websites with heavy load will start to crash with an circular reference exception after some time.
  2. The NuGet package version disposes the kernel unintended.

Furthermore, I changed the NuGet package to use the new Naming Convention of the WebActivator and switched to WebActivator 1.4. This change requires that you move the CreateKernel and RegisterServices methods from NinjectHttpApplicationModule to AppStart/Ninject.MVC3 and that you delete the NinjectHttpApplicationModule afterwards.

Other Extensions
You may ask yourself where you find the other extensios for The answer is, there are no new ones. The old ones are still valid for Ninject as we changed the build system to leave the assembly version at as long as there is no interface change that requires an update of the extensions.