Join me at the Developer Openspace 2015 in Leipzig

I should not say this in public because I’m a Swiss Guy, but I love the German Community ;). I’ve been giving Usergroup speeches in many German cities over the last few years. Every community event I attended in Germany was fully organized, well-coming, and the community engaged with the speakers and workshop leads. One of the most unusual events in Germany is starting in a few days in Leipzig. It is the Developer Openspace 2015. Here are a few impressions:


Abstract: An Open Space is a conference without speakers or a fixed agenda. Similar to a BarCamp the crowd meets every morning (at a developer-friendly time), and everyone is invited to suggest a session-topic. That can be the latest hot shit from Silicon Valley (or Seattle) everyone has heard about and wants to discuss with others, or something you are highly interested in, so you’re looking for some fellow experts to give you an introduction.

As part of the pre-unconference sessions on Friday, I will be giving a full day workshop about async/await and the Russian Doll model by applying that knowledge to an almost production-ready service bus-library.

Sounds interesting? Don’t miss that community opportunity and visit the official web page, book your flight/train/cab and let’s meet for a beer in Leipzig in October.

Picture shamelessly stolen from Thomas Bandt.

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