No more development, TDD begins with MoreUnit


Do you program or do you already TDD? 🙂
If you prefer to do TDD you will love the eclipse plug-in called MoreUnit. It is as simple as powerful. All it does is executing tests from corresponding productive class and makes it very simple to change between them.
Just press Ctrl-J (like Jump) to jump from test to implementing class and the other way. Or press Ctrl-R (like Run) to run the test regardless if you are in the test or the implementation class.

Strange Java 1.6.0 update 14 debugging problem


A few days ago, we upgraded the jdk we use for development. After this some developers experienced a special problem with our eclipse while debugging. When they set a breakpoint, eclipse did not stop. After a try and error phase we found a working solution. The problem disappeared when we set the vm parameter -Xms (define initial size of heap) to a higher value for the jvm inside eclipse. In our case we set -Xms to -Xms256m. We still do not know why this solution works. But we thought...

Schedule CVS Synchronization in Eclipse


Source Control like CVS or Subversion is used almost in every software project. As a developer, it’s your responsibility to be up to date with the current version from the source control system. In Eclipse there is a nice feature to schedule such synchronizations. This means, you get regularly informed about all updates and you have less merging problems!

Eclipse will not find all classes with [Ctrl-Shift-T]


Today I stumbled upon the problem eclipse did not find some classes with the code completition or [Ctrl-Shift-T]. If you write the class name in the code everything looks ok. I tried to clean my workspaces with rebuild etc. did not work.
But there is hope: After deleting all content in .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core eclipse re-indexes the workspace again and everything is ok. I guess -clean as startup parameter would work likewise but I can’t verify.

Eclipse and Ant – They really get along very well!


Have you ever used your own custom ant task in the eclipse environment. Well – I have written some ant tasks and they are being used by all developers in our company. But there’s the annoying thing that I always have to add the libs containing my tasks to the classpath. Nothing easier than this you might be thinking. Add it to ants classpath in the eclipse preferences. This works on my machine but what about all other developers? What about updates to the libs? I guess I found the...

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