Rename a database in RavenDB


This is just a quick post which explains how you can rename an existing database in RavenDB. Actually you can’t. What you can apply is the following procedure: Create a new destination database in RavenDB with the new desired name Export the source database into a RavenDB dump Import the dump into the destination database This operation is an offline operation. You could also use the replication bundle to replicate information from one database into the other on the same server but this...

The particular service platform – Deploying to endpoints and subscribing for events


In my last post I showed how to create a service and a publisher. In this blogpost I will show how to subscribe to messages and how to deploy components to endpoints. In my blogposts about CompositeUI for Service Oriented Systems I called about services or “things”. I don’t cover that theory here. I encourage you to read those blogposts. Before we can deploy the undeployed component WarehouseRaid we need to create a hosting component for that. This can be done by clicking on...

The particular service platform – Service and event publisher


In my last post I gave an overview about the problem domain we are going to tackle with ServiceMatrix called R.I.P.D. In this blogpost I want to build that crazy sample from the ground up. So let’s do it! In my blogposts about CompositeUI for Service Oriented Systems I called about services or “things”. I don’t cover that theory here. I encourage you to read those blogposts. On the canvas of ServiceMatrix we can first create a new service and give it a proper name...

The particular service platform – ServiceMatrix sample and introduction


In my last post I talked about the particular service platform and how close it is being released. This time I can happily say that it has been released! The particular team did its magic and pushed the whole platform out. You already got a sneak peak at the installation process. This time I will cover ServiceMatrix and show you how easy it is to build a distributed system based on NServiceBus with ServiceMatrix. The sample I will use throughout the blog posts is based on the Hollywood movie...

The particular service platform introduction


You have already heard me talking or at least read a blog post about NServiceBus from me 😉 The next big release from particular software is just around the corner! This time it is not just another version of NServiceBus. No, it is a whole platform or toolset you can use to build up complex distributed systems based on NServiceBus. I give you a brief overview over the platform and then dive into ServiceMatrix. Let’s get started!

Transport, Transport, … MSMQ, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ with NServiceBus


This is the handout for the presentation I gave at the Basta Conference in Darmstadt. The talk is about different transports available for NServiceBus. Building distributed systems with NServiceBus which only use MSMQ was yesterday. Today we have more possibilities to choose the right transport technology. But how do I decide which transport layer fulfills my functional and non-functional requirements? What is the difference between MSMQ and RabbitMQ? How does a broker based transport...

VS 2012 Debugger Visualizer for Aspose.Words


In my current project I’m working with Aspose.Words for .NET to create documents. Aspose.Words works very well for what I have to do. Though when it comes to debugging it starts being inefficient. It’s just a fact that a Word document has a fairly complex object model that has very deep object hierarchies with all its sections, headers, tables, paragraphs etc. This makes it cumbersome to navigate within the document and understand what the document you are inspecting really looks...

Office 365 second look and surprisingly good!


The first time when I tried out Office 365 it was a total fail. I was told from guys from Microsoft that there have been some issues which should be fixed by now. So today I did another try out with Office 365 because I think the idea behind it is simply amazing. For a pretty fair price you get a full Office Suite in the cloud plus the ability to install it locally on up to 5 Machines with the home license. This would suffice to never worry again about Office licensing for home usage and my...

Office365 first look and total fail


Today, I saw some ads about Office 365. Office 365 is a complete Office Suite based on the Office 2013 version, which is hosted in the cloud. The idea is brilliant. You pay a small annual fee and get SkyDrive space and most of the office tools included. More information can be found here . I wanted to subscribe for the trial period of one month to test the Home Edition for my personal use. My motivation was that you get up to 5 workstations at home included in the annual fee and of course all...

Unleash your code with PostSharp


Currently, I have some spare time and wanted to play around with geeky stuff. The guys from provided me a evaluation version of their tool PostSharp. PostSharp is a framework for aspect oriented programming in .NET. In short, aspect oriented programming helps you to remove unnecessary boiler plate code such as logging, transaction handling, exception handling and many more. The boiler plate code I’m talking about is also called cross-cutting concern because it cuts...

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