NServiceBus new transports around the corner


Yes you hear right! That is one of the major upcoming and most exciting new feature which will be available in NServiceBus 4.0.0. Transports, transports and transports… NServiceBus out of the box supported MSMQ and also Azure transports. But now there are even more transports available! The 4.0.0 version will ship with the following transports on board: ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Sql Server, Azure and MSQM. Of course each transport comes with certain features or even restrictions but from now on...

NServiceBus wrapping or not wrapping your messages


The configuration API has changed significantly. I updated the post.
I hope you all read the blog post about the serializer changes regarding raw xml embedding. In this blog post I want to show you an important interoperability feature which has been introduced in NServiceBus 4.0.0. You have now the possibility to define whether NServiceBus wrapps the serialized messages or not before passing it into the transport layer. Why is this important for interoperability?

NServiceBus embedding raw Xml into messages


This post covers another of the little gems NServiceBus 4.0.0 will have when shipped. In certain scenarios you might require to either send or publish raw Xml data over the wire with messaging. NServiceBus has already the possibility to send or publish messages with large content over the databus. Basically the databus allows to enrich the messages with so called databus properties. Those properties can contain large blobs which are written from the sender or publisher into a commonly agreed...

NServiceBus UnitOfWorkScope with Ninject


Yes I know I promised you guys amazing things are happening in NServiceBus. But I want to start with the small things and then go over some bigger changes. So feel free to skip this blog post if I disappointed you 😉 NServiceBus 3.0 and greater has the notion of an unit of work. The unit of work in NServiceBus allows you to externalize repetitive code such as committing NHibernate transactions, calling SaveChanges on a RavenDB session and much more. You can create your own unit of work pretty...

Amazing things are happening with NServiceBus


Some of you might already know but I wanted to announce that Remo Gloor and I are currently actively involved in pushing the next major release (namely 4.0.0) of NServiceBus further. This is the first blog post of an upcoming series of blog posts about exciting stuff which will be available in NServiceBus in the next release. I will start describing some mini features and then move to a major new feature in which Remo and I took the main contributor role. Before I start with the blog posts I...

Introduction to NServiceBus


Updated: 21.11.2012
There are many tools out there on the market which claim to be enterprise service buses. But only NServiceBus incorporates true service oriented architecture and many years of experience in how to design such systems. Using the matrix analogy from Morpheus we can compare traditional service buses to taking the blue pill. Only if you choose NServiceBus aka the red pill you stay in the wonderland of real service orientation and discover how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

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