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Administration of MSMQ

If you are doing integration over Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) all the provided links in this blogpost could be very useful. Administration of Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) can be hard without the right information at your fingertips. Here you find everything necessary to setup and operate MSMQ successfully. Most of these links are very old and some of the administration information is a bit outdated on latest Windows Servers. Nonetheless are this blog post very helpful to understand the inner workings of MSMQ in order to properly configure it for production. I will add more links from time to time to this blogpost. Continue reading

Azure. Start small, think big!

When I talk to developers and managers about Azure they immediately think about large scale applications, amongst other things like information security & privacy which I won’t cover in this blog post. Let me say you this: No you don’t need terabytes of data and millions of customers to consider Azure! Even in your day to day job as a developer Azure can be really worth it. For example my friend Roland Krummenacher has an excellent blog post series in German called “Real World Windows Azure”. In his series, he talks about how you can leverage azure storage to save large files to reduce the load on your webservers, how you can monitor applications from remote by using Service Bus Relay and more. For some of us these ideas still seem out of reach because we fear the learning, the never ending arguments how evil the cloud is and oh my… don’t event talk about… THE COSTS! In this post you learn to start small with Azure but think big! Continue reading