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Flexible work days as a remote worker

I enjoy remote working! I no longer have to commute, and I can freely adjust my work day schedule as I see fit. For example, the warmer it gets during summer time I can just start earlier in the morning and finish earlier in the afternoon. If I have a doctor appointment, I’m free to schedule it anytime during the day. Going to the gym? No problem! I just plan my gym hours whenever they fit into the day so bypassing the rush hours. That’s great! But flexibility requires responsibility. You have to make sure other things don’t distract you from getting your work done. Or even worse that you don’t end up scheduling many other unrelated activities that you start working later and later, therefore delaying, moving or shortening your regular sleep hours. What helps for me is constant self-reflection, good workmates who call you out when you “just sneak in”, my wife who is my best voice-of-reason, and controversially a regular(-ish) schedule that helps predict and plan my work week.

Sounds weird, isn’t it? I have all the freedom I want, and I end up working roughly according to a fixed plan. Well, I still have more freedom than before since the self-imposed agenda is more a guideline than a schedule.

What challenges do you face with your flexible work-hours?


Stay cool! Save Money. Backup your Synology Diskstation to the cloud using Azure Cool Storage

You are sitting in your living room with good friends. Your last vacation, how quickly your kids grew up or your last outdoor adventure is the hot topic of the evening. Notorious like you are you have documented many of your life’s moments with your cell phone or your fancy digital camera. All your pictures are safely stored on your network disk station. Showing these pics to your friends is simple. Browse to your disk station with your TV and show the beautiful photographs in full resolution. One day the internal hard drive of your disk station crashes. All your digital memories lost forever (*1)! It doesn’t need to happen. You can easily backup your disk stations to multiple locations such as external USB hard drives or even to the cloud. I personally backup my Synology Diskstation once a week to an external USB hard drive of similar size and to the Azure Cloud. Making sure I never lose my precious digital memories. In this article, I walk you through how you backup your Synology Diskstation to the Azure Cloud and how you can save money by using the newly announced cool storage. Continue reading

Avoid ThreadStatic, ThreadLocal and AsyncLocal. Float the state instead!

In the article on The dangers of ThreadLocal I explained how the introduction of async/await forces us to unlearn what we perceived to be true in the “old world” when Threads dominated our software lingo. We’re now at a point where we need to re-evaluate how we approach thread safety in our codebases while using the async/await constructs. In today’s post-thread era, we should strive to remove all thread (task-local) state and let the state float into the code which needs it. Let’s take a look at how we can implement the idea of floating state and make our code robust and ready for concurrency. Continue reading