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Get PartCover Running On x64 Windows

PartCover is an open source coverage tool. Unfortunately, the current release does not run on a 64bit OS out of the box. The reason is that PartCover uses a 32bit COM component to determine coverage and that a 64bit process cannot load a 32bit COM component.The solution is to force that PartCover is run as a 32bit process. There are two ways to get that done:

  1. Get the source code, set the target platform of the PartCover project to x86 and build it
  2. Use corflags.exe on the already compiled assemblies to force that they are run in 32bit mode


Normally, corflags.exe is used to determine whether an assembly is built for x86 (32bit), x64 (64 bit) or it is unspecified (depends on OS – this is the default).

corflags.exe can however be used to change this setting on compiled assemblies. In order to get PartCover and its Browser running on a x64 system do the following:

Install PartCover.

If you are running Windows 7 then copy all PartCover files to another location (due to security restrictions inside program files).

Run the following commands on the command line:

corflags /32bit+ /force PartCover.exe
corflags /32bit+ /force PartCover.Browser.exe

Then, you can run the browser or command line tool and start using coverage on your x64 system.