Windows Mobile 6.5 officially released

Today is the official release day of Windows Mobile 6.5. The new release of Windows Mobile 6.5 is claimed to be much smoother in terms of finger friendly navigation in all parts of the operating system including the today screen and windows explorer but also in terms of stability and performance. The famous iPhone lock and unlock slider is now available on Windows Mobile 6.5 (why reinventing the wheel ;)? ). The internet explorer 6 is integrated into the operating system and offers flash support, zoom toolbar and much more.

For developers it might be interesting that it’s easily possible to create your own individual design with the Theme Generator. Microsoft now offers an easy to use synchronization service which allows to synchronize all kinds of data from the mobile device to the online services and back. This service is called myPhone Online Service. Similar to the Apple Store there is now a market place for windows phone applications reachable under

ROM upgrades for various phones should be available soon on the manufacturers websites. Stay tuned!

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