SyntaxHighlighter2 plugin by S H Mohanjith

I proudly announce the new features of SyntaxHighlighter2 even before the new release is available on the internet! Today I had a lovely chat via Skype with S H Mohanjith from Sri Lanka. We were discussing some feature improvements on SyntaxHighlighter2 wordpress plug-in.

The new features shortly available in the new release of SyntaxHighlighter2 will be:

  • Possibility to control the SyntaxHighlighter options such as ruler, highlighting or disabling of the lines of code and copy+past controls via a BBCode attribute.
  • Extended settings page in the wordpress administration settings to enable easily code postings in wordpress comments. In the current release this must be done by commenting out some lines of PHP code in the plug-in.

S H Mohanjith promised me to implement this features. In return I’m going to offer my translation skills (English to German) for his excellent invoice plug-in for wordpress. Please have a look at his website and plug-ins!

May the syntax highlighting force be with you!

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