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Since a few days I’m using a plugin in eclipse which allows vi like editing. It’s called vrapper and can be found under It is a very good light weight alternative to commercial vi plugins. In my opinion there are not more disadvantages as in other vi plugins.
Sometimes it has hangers, this means it does not fall back to the main state instead it hangs in any command mode. In this rare cases normally helps to restart the plugin with the icon in eclipse.
The installation is very simple, only add the stable update site ( Or if not possible to use the update site just download the file from, just copy the files into the plugins directory 😉 .

If you like to use vi commands look in and check it out.

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Adrian Elsener


  • Hello,

    What are the advanteges of vi compared with other editor’s capabilities ?
    What is the significant difference why i get to know vi ?
    Could it give more than auto completion and suggestions ?
    Can you get the taste of the vi for others who doesn’t know it ?

  • In my opinion the benefit to know vi is there are simplifications while editing. A few examples:
    If you want to delete a row just press ‘dd’.
    Or if you want to insert a line and begin with writing just press ‘o’. The cursor jumps to the end of the line and inserts a new line and you can go forward.
    An other advantage is, if you did something you can repeat it with the dot. Very useful :).

    I don’t use the whole power of vi but I like the few things I know and I’m learning more.

By Adrian Elsener

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