VS2010 Search + Replace to the rescue

I’m currently working porting a library into another open source project. As I have heavily extended the library my primary goal was to make it work and then compliant to the coding guidelines. A lot of my code contained in the library had automatically generated (with R#) interface implementations which contained blank lines between the curly braces. As you might know this is not StyleCop compliant. Wonderfully I was able to address the issues with the VS2010 Search + Replace dialog and tagged expressions. See how…


{ expression } Defines a tagged expression. Each occurrence is enumerated with n+1.
:b Defines a white space or a tab.
item^n Defines the number of times the item occurs.
\{ Opening curly braces
\} Closing curly braces
\n Newline

So we can read the expression above like:

Match opening and curly braces which are indented with eight white spaces or tabs followed by a new line and and indented line with twelve white spaces or tabs. Group the opening curly braces  with indentation including the new line into a tagged expression \1 and group the closing curly braces with indentation into a tagged expression \2. Replace the matched text with tagged expression one and tagged expression two.

This saved me a hell of a lot of time!

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