Machine.Specifications 0.6.0 released

I’m proud to announce the next release of Machine.Specifications. The release contains the version 0.6.0 and is the beginning of a new era. I’ve been in contact with the amazing Alexander Groß for more than a year now. I had the chance to meet him when he was willing to come to Switzerland to visit the .NET Usergroup Central Switzerland. Before I met him I was using Machine.Specifications in several projects and I really like the lightweight approach for acceptance test driven development. I decided to give some love back to the community and jumped on the Machine.Specifications train. The is the outcome of that joyride 🙂

The latest release contains the following changes:

  • Should Extension Methods are moved into own assembly which simplifies things for people using other assertion libraries.
  • DelegateUsageAttribute is deprecated and will be remove in next version use new *DelegateAttribute types for custom delegates
  • Dropped support for Gallio
  • Resharper 8.1 support
  • DotCover 2.6 support

I’m planning advance more and more to version 1.0.0. Along the way I will be dropping support for old legacy stuff (old versions of dotCover, Resharper…) in order to clean the internals up. Feedback and comments are welcome here. Download the latest release with nuget here.

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