Flexible work days as a remote worker

I enjoy remote working! I no longer have to commute, and I can freely adjust my work day schedule as I see fit. For example, the warmer it gets during summer time I can just start earlier in the morning and finish earlier in the afternoon. If I have a doctor appointment, I’m free to schedule it anytime during the day. Going to the gym? No problem! I just plan my gym hours whenever they fit into the day so bypassing the rush hours. That’s great! But flexibility requires responsibility. You have to make sure other things don’t distract you from getting your work done. Or even worse that you don’t end up scheduling many other unrelated activities that you start working later and later, therefore delaying, moving or shortening your regular sleep hours. What helps for me is constant self-reflection, good workmates who call you out when you “just sneak in”, my wife who is my best voice-of-reason, and controversially a regular(-ish) schedule that helps predict and plan my work week.

Sounds weird, isn’t it? I have all the freedom I want, and I end up working roughly according to a fixed plan. Well, I still have more freedom than before since the self-imposed agenda is more a guideline than a schedule.

What challenges do you face with your flexible work-hours?


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