Scrimmage as answer to scrum for support


Peter Stevens from scrum-breakfast.com blogged today a really interesting article about an adapted scrum process for IT support. As Peter Stevens describes in his post on of his attendees in his workshop was the leader of IT Support for the EE Department of the ETH Zurich. They where facing the problem that their support group had to deal with daily business and they had to successfully compete medium term projects but their daily business was consuming all their time. The answer to their...

Remote Support software for free


Remote software for free Normally I’m not a big promoter of software. But this tool is amazing. Every, and I mean every IT Professional is having the same problem. Everybody in the world looks at you and sees the free helpdesk. Ok I must admit most of the time this is not a problem because helping is caring friendship. Helping over the phone is good because you don’t have to travel. But this is not easy for each occasion. There are a lot of good remote software programs for companies. But the...

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