.NET Open Source Projects and Coding Guidelines

In my projects, we use a lot of open source libraries like Ninject, xUnit, Machine.Specifications, FluentAssertions, StyleCop, Moq, statLight, AgUnit and of course the project I lead myself: bbv.Common. These projects are really cool. But sometimes of course, we need something that they do not (yet) provide. Like adding Machine.Specification support in FluentAssertions or a faster runner for xUnit unit tests under silverlight with AgUnit and statLight. Therfore, we download the source code and...

The Tools we use in our Projects


I get often asked which tools we use in our projects. Therefore, I’m listing all of them here in this post. I’m using the project bbv.Common as an example because you can download the source code and look for yourself how some tools are used. The main differences in the tool chain between our different projects is due to the source code repository that is used: Subversion, TFS or Git. bbv.Common uses Git and therefore the tools in this list will be the Git tools but you can easily find...

Overview/review of scrum tools


Some people share the opinion that scrum and other agile development methods are easily maintainable with pencil and post-it only. Nonetheless there is a growing list of software solutions which support scrum methodology. Boris Gloger from Scrum 4 You publishes regularly reviews of scrum tools on his blog. I strongly recommend to take a look at his website and the scrum tools list!

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