Test Driven Development on iOS


Since I’m developing my current iOS app using test driven development, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned in the process. I’ll be focusing on TDD at the unit test level and I’ll only be discussing writing unit tests for view controllers. The concepts discussed in this post can easily be extended so that unit tests cover all parts of an iOS application and not just the view controllers. Two key ingredients to successfully writing cohesive unit tests...



Currently I’m in the refresher course of the swiss armed forces in Andermatt. So I get plenty of time to test my new Apple iPad. I have the 16 GB model without the 3G (UMTS) modem. I decide to buy the cheapest model because I think I don’t need much storage on my web tablet. The 3G option was for me secondary because I own a notebook with built in UMTS modem. As a side note you can use the freeware Connectify to switch any pc in to a wlan access point . Or create a wlan network proxy with an...

Windows Phone 7: Hope has come


Finally the latest news about Windows Phone 7 is arrived and it seems that Microsoft has ultimately learned its lessons. Windows Phone 7 has a totally news concept regarding what we are used to have with the Windows Mobile editions. But the Windows Phone 7 concept is not only new for “Microsoftish” phones it is also totally new for all smart phone operating systems on the market (including iPhone).

German .NET Magazin article published


Just a quick announcement. I wrote together with Alain Baumeler from bbv Software Services AG an article about hybrid application development targeting both .NET and .NET compact framework. The article is written in German and published in the .NET Magazin. Here is the quick overview of the article: Hybride Softwareentwicklung in .NET – Einführung in die Vorteile und Patterns der hybriden Softwareentwicklung für .NET Compact und .NET Framework Mobile Geräte mit Windows Mobile sind trotz...

Windows Mobile 6.5 officially released


Today is the official release day of Windows Mobile 6.5. The new release of Windows Mobile 6.5 is claimed to be much smoother in terms of finger friendly navigation in all parts of the operating system including the today screen and windows explorer but also in terms of stability and performance. The famous iPhone lock and unlock slider is now available on Windows Mobile 6.5 (why reinventing the wheel ;)? ). The internet explorer 6 is integrated into the operating system and offers flash...

MaXSoftProjects Windows Mobile Articles and Freeware


September 15th, 2009 at 14:16, Max Hi, I’e like to introduce my new site dedicate to windows mobile develop. The url is You will find several program and several c# source code. I’hope to recieve your feedback. Regards, Max for We recently received the “Ask a geek” input showed above from one of our blog readers. Actually it’s not an ask a geek question but we decided to honor Max’s effort nonetheless and show our readers Max’s...



I recently published bbv.Common.Mobile which is a hybrid porting of the bbv.Common library collection. The bbv.Common.Mobile contains components and functionalities including: (a)synchronous notification component with thread switching, enum based statemachine with fluent interface, programatic context based rule engine, decoupled topic based event routing. For source code and binaries please refer to:

see also the full version under:

.NET Compact Framework 3.7 leaked to public

Not surprisingly some geeks were able to extract the .NET Compact Framework 3.7 version which was contained in one of the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs. The .NET Compact Framework 3.7 is now available on some sites for download as CAB file. Unfortunately the extracted run-time environment is without a change log which let’s us developers in the dark what really was improved.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Development


Not long ago the Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Toolkits have been released to public. I want to briefly summarize what is currently available online and provide you some useful links and information about Windows Mobile 6.5 development.

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