Agile UI Development in .NET: The Big Picture

In the last two posts of this series (table of contents) I explained the need for a new UI design pattern: changeability and extensibility.

In this post, I’ll throw a big diagram in your face without much explanation. The reason for this is that I want to give you the big picture before I start digging into details in the following posts of this series. You can always come back here to see where we are.

The Big Picture


These classes (or set of classes) match to the responsibilities I identified in the last post:

View: visualize data

View-Model: bridge domain model to screen

UI-Commands: react to user input

Presenter: drive UI workflow

Model-Commands: interact with domain model

Translator: translate dynamic data

Permission Handler: apply permissions


I showed you the big picture that we will explore in detail in the upcoming posts of this series.

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