Fileformat and the impacts in bash scripts

I had the problem calling a bash script I got the error:
“syntax error: unexpected end of file”
“: command not foundne 2: ”

I created a simple scritp for demonstration


echo "hello"

In this sample we have following error after execution: “: command not foundne 2: ” As you can see, there is nothing on line 2.

The solution was as simple as the problem heavy.  Just execute the following command on the linux system.


And the script will work fine.

The easiest way to spot that the file format is wrong would be:

 head | od -c

 0000000   #   !   /   b   i   n   /   b   a   s   h  \r  \n  \r  \n   e
 0000020   c   h   o       ”   h   e   l   l   o   ”

So you can see the newlines are done with (\r\n). This can occur if you write the script under windows and moved it to a linux system. After executing dos2unix the head will look like this:

 0000000   #   !   /   b   i   n   /   b   a   s   h  \n  \n   e   c   h
 0000020   o       ”   h   e   l   l   o   ”

Every “linefeed carriage return” is replaced with a simple “linefeed”.

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