Linux Workstation as Router


Since I have some Rasperry PI’s which do not have a WAN connection because they are in an autonomous LAN or just do not have a WLAN module. From time to time I want to do some upgrades. So I need a connection between the LAN containing my PI’s and the WAN.

Configure ssh certificate for password less login


It is not very difficult but every time I want to create and populate an ssh certificate I have to search for it. So I will show how to create and populate an ssh certificate for password less login over ssh. And if we have a look to man page of ssh (see below), it sounds really simple. Just create your key, copy the key to destination and register in authorized_keys. But how to do that in a simple way? Steps to do: create a key: eeelin:~$ ssh-keygen #(Don’t enter a password for password...

Packet Analyzer on ESX Server


Last week I needed to analyze traffic form a Virtual Server hosted on a ESX machine. Normally this job would be a piece of cake if the server has his own NIC. But the way with an “old” hub or with an port mirror (port spanning) do not work with a vSwich (a virtual switch on the ESX server).

SunRay Terminal unexpected reboot


For a project we use some SunRay 3 Plus terminal with the Sun Oracle VDI server. After all I only can say this thin client solution rock!!! But in the project time we hade to debug a problem. The problem was some Sun Ray Clients did unexpected reboots every 2 till 5 minutes. And it comes even stranger, next day the Terminal works without any problem and another terminal reboots. After some vi action we found the following error in the Log of the vdi server.

Epia goes 2 VirtualBox


A few days ago, my epia device gave up it’s live. So I was looking for a temporary alternative to start the harddisk.
Looking back it was very easy to get it run in my desktop, to get the data I’m storing on it. (A little database and some Webservices)
Here you can read how you get an existing OS into your VirtualBox.

Ubuntu console command completition


Since I always have to search how to enable the history search in (k)ubuntu I post it here. I don’t know why this feature is disabled by default in (k)ubuntu. Imo it’s one of the greatest features under the linux term. Just start the command you entered last time in the term and then press the key ‘PageUp’ to get the last history entry you used the letters. For everybody who wants to enable the feature too: Open the file ‘/etc/inputrc’ and enable the...

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