2021 in blog posts

Time to look back at 2021 and what interested you the most on planetgeek.ch. These are the top 10 most viewed blog posts – views in 2021:

  1. C# vs F# 3076 views, released 2020
  2. Cleaning up queues and exchanges on RabbitMQ 2987 views, released 2015
  3. 16 ideas about what a Scrum Master can do to improve team performance 2605 views, released 2011
  4. Clean Code Cheat Sheet 2258 views, released 2014
  5. Avoid ThreadStatic, ThreadLocal and AsyncLocal. Float the state instead! 2135 views, released 2016
  6. How to test finite state machines 1390 views, released 2011
  7. Simplicity enables an evolutionary software architecture 1296 views, released 2021
  8. Our journey to F#: The effect on our unit tests 1194 views, released 2021
  9. Mockito ArgumentMatcher vs ArgumentCaptor 1115 views, released 2011
  10. Variable Prefixes 945 view, released 2011

It always amazes me, how some very old posts still rank high in the views. RabbitMQ, Scrum and Mockito are still relevant topics, even after 10 years. Even variable prefixes seem to still be a point worth discussing.

The clean code cheat sheet will remain the page with the most overall views (> 100’000).

Happy Holidays!

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