VHD Native Boot (updated)


Are you working with Virtual Machines like Oracle’s VirtualBox or Microsoft’s VirtualPC? Have you had problems with the performance of those or hardware which is not supported. In this article I will show you how you can circumvent these restrictions with VHD Native Boot for Windows.

Custom StyleCop Rules


Microsoft’s StyleCop is a code style and consistency analysis tool for C#. The tool integrates into the Visual Studio IDE, or can be run on the command line. StyleCop ships with a default set of rules enforcing common style guidelines.
This article describes how to write custom StyleCop rules.

Use Enum’s with caution


In C# the class Enum is often used. Some geek’s argue that the Enum’s “improve code clarity and and reduce the probability of invalid values. … Enum’s are self-documenting.
Enum’s should be used with caution, since some things are not straight-forward. The following article will show you where to be cautious.

Windows 7 – 64 Bit – A .NET Developer’s View


I’m currently working with Windows 7 Public Beta (Build 7000) and I’m very satisfied with it. I only had two blue screens since I have installed it 3 months ago. I would like to share some really cool features in W7 in an upcoming post and look at this video on Channel 9. But the interesting thing from a .NET Developers perspective is the 64 Bit part of Windows 7 (that should be the same as in Windows XP 64 Bit or Windows Vista 64 Bit) which I will cover in this post. First of all:...

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