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Ask a geek: mocking third party service in Selenium tests of an MVC application


We received the following Ask-a-geek question from Patrick: I have the following scenario. MVC Application using Ninject and Moq for the unit tests. We do some additional Tests using Selenium which testes JS etc. So the scenario we want to test is, that in a TestMethod we start IIS Express with the MVC project. Start selenium and do the clicks, check the results. That works all perfect. Now we have a call to a third party webservice from our repository. In our unittests we used MOQ to mock that...

Logging in an onion architecture


In reaction to this post I received an interesting comment from valeriu. A very nice wrap-up about onion architecture, thank you for sharing the presentation! However, there’s a something that’s bothering me. Sometimes, you may have need to interact with some infrastructure parts from the inner layers. A good example will be logging – domain service may need to log some details or exceptions. How you would approach that? To keep the right direction for dependencies (if you’re really committed...

Building Ninject / Ninject Extensions Without Git


We received the following question about building Ninject: I’ve downloaded the source files for both context extensions and namedscopes (Ninject) and have followed the instructions in "how to build.txt" exactly, but I cannot get either NAnt script to build. I keep getting an error from git saying "get-git-revision: [exec] fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git BUILD FAILED – 0 non-fatal error(s), 1 warning(s)" what gives? what do I...

NMock2 Release with MockStyle.Stub?


We got the following geek question from Henrik: Hi, Thanks for sharing this preview of the MockStyle.Stub feature! Its exactly was I was looking for when I googled this page, so now I just can't wait for a release with this included ;-) I tried to find some information on futre release plans but could not find any. Could anybody help me out? When could we3 expect a new NUnit supporting MockStyle.Stub? Cheers! Henrik The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Let me tell you why: The...

MaXSoftProjects Windows Mobile Articles and Freeware


September 15th, 2009 at 14:16, Max Hi, I’e like to introduce my new site dedicate to windows mobile develop. The url is You will find several program and several c# source code. I’hope to recieve your feedback. Regards, Max for We recently received the “Ask a geek” input showed above from one of our blog readers. Actually it’s not an ask a geek question but we decided to honor Max’s effort nonetheless and show our readers Max’s...

OSX Leopard on PC Hardware


July 31nd, 2009 at 14:10 ingrid hello i am so interested using lepord os but i have a problem the problem is i am using windows xp from so many years because i am from India mac os is not that much popular in india because no one know about it really i have installed lepord os in my pc i have completed the installation very well the problem is drivers i have searched through web but i did get any where were can i get drivers for lepord how 2 install them pls help i love mac The legal OSX Eula...

Ask a Geek Question, most useful mac os x apps.


Martin one of our famous blog readers submitted a wish, … He would love to see a list of of the most useful mac os x apps. I know there are lots of other sites on the web taking care of it already, but hey guys its a growing community. Well keep up your great work. Martin.
The question is not so easy answered though. Mac OS X leopard has already most of the things I need built-in. But there are still some. Let us start with some basic tools I use.

DynamicInvoke for CF 2.0


March 22nd, 2009 at 22:14 Ryan Rogers This solution only works for .Net CF prior to 3.5 as the Target and Method properites did not exist before that. Any ideas how to “fake” DynamicInvoke for CF 2.0? I am using extension methods through the ExtensionAttribute trick.Delegatedynamicinvoke-for-net-compact-framework Hello Ryan, The problem is that the .NET compact framework 2.0 is lacking some really important functionality. What we can get by using ugly reflection code is the target object where...

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