Chop onions instead of layers


This is the presentation handout for a presentation I gave at the bbv Techday 2013. Special thanks to Jeffrey Palermo for supporting me.  Chopping onions usually makes you cry. This is not the case in software architecture. In contrary! The onion architecture, introduced by Jeffrey Palermo, puts the widely known layered architecture onto its head. Get to know the onion architecture and its merits with simple and practical examples. Combined with code structuring by feature your software is easy...

Legacy Code and Now What?


cross-post from Every day is a ground hog day. It is eight o’clock in the morning. You come into the office, look at the Scrum board of your current project and pick the next task of the user story with the highest priority. You sit fully motivated in front of your computer, open up your favorite IDE and start to implement the task. But wait! Something is wrong! First, you have to fully grasp the code you tend to put the feature into. But there is a lot of code in that area, which needs to be...

REST Fundamentals


This post is a cross post from
This is the handout blog post for the presentation I give at the internal bbv Techday on the 28th november. The presentation is targeted for beginners of the REST concept.

Let’s start!

VHD Native Boot (updated)


Are you working with Virtual Machines like Oracle’s VirtualBox or Microsoft’s VirtualPC? Have you had problems with the performance of those or hardware which is not supported. In this article I will show you how you can circumvent these restrictions with VHD Native Boot for Windows.

Introduction to NServiceBus


Updated: 21.11.2012
There are many tools out there on the market which claim to be enterprise service buses. But only NServiceBus incorporates true service oriented architecture and many years of experience in how to design such systems. Using the matrix analogy from Morpheus we can compare traditional service buses to taking the blue pill. Only if you choose NServiceBus aka the red pill you stay in the wonderland of real service orientation and discover how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Open Source Software and Medical Technical Projects


These are the slides with comments of my conference talk at MedConf 2012 in Lucerne: Software development without using open source software (OSS) is unthinkable in today’s world. This holds also for medical technical projects. This presentation is split into three parts. First we take a look at some myths and facts about open source software. Then at how to integrate an OSS into your project so it can be validated against regulatory requirements. And finally, we’ll see what is important when...

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